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Welcome to You Throw a Party.  This website is the place to find your party and celebration needs.  While this site is new, and there is so much information to be presented, it will grow over time.  Then, there is always something new to be added. 

There are many parts to having a successful party.  These are addressed on this site.

Start with a party idea, which can include the style of the party.  It might be an indoor or outdoor event, a dinner party, or even a pool party. 

Different parties are for different occasions.  Is the party a birthday party, a holiday party, a special occasion party like a bridal shower or gender reveal party, of just friends getting together?  Different occasions require different coordinated themes. 

Some possible party occasions in addition to those mentioned above are birthday parties, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving gatherings, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties, Oktoberfest, gathering for sporting events, Mardi Gras gatherings, showers, retirement parties, and family reunions.

Birthday parties use a wide variety of themes.  This is especially the case it the party is for children.  Obviously, the age range of the guests is one of the first things one must know in order to have a successful party.

Birthday party themes for children include Disney, princess, superhero, pirates, and so many more. 

Many parties have great party food.  The atmosphere is enhanced if that food is served using decorative plates, cups, napkins, and so in.  These can be found in matched sets that support many different party themes.  If your party theme is among these themes, serving the food can actually be done in a manner that adds to your party decorations.

Party decorations are always a must to make a party more enjoyable.  These might include such things as centerpieces, door covers, wall decorations, or other decorations.  Party balloons are nice, especially if children are to attend the party.  Having a well-decorated party is possible for indoor and outdoor parties alike.

Party favors, especially if the party is for children, are important, and can determine if your party is one that will be spoken of in a positive manner for weeks to come.  This can also impact whether or not one of your parties in the future is well attended.

One modern aspect of a good party is a photo booth.  A photo booth can be made consistent with a party theme in many cases.

Another modern addition is the inflatable cooler.

Costumes can be a part of a good party.  Costumes for a child’s birthday party might get the guests into the theme.  And even adults might wear a costume to a Halloween party.  Costumes are also popular in large celebrations.  Mardi Gras is one such occasion.  Other occasions include those festivities for various cultures.  I often attend a Greek heritage festival where togas are allowed, and even encouraged with free admission, on a certain day.  I have attended a festival by a German heritage organization to celebrate Oktoberfest and found many wearing Bavarian costumes.  The same can be true for many different heritage groups.  In some cases, only a hat indicates the nationality putting on the event, in other cases it is a full costume.  Simply wearing green can make one fit into a saint Patrick’s party.

Another time for costumes is for movie premieres, especially for science fiction movies.  In our current society masks and bulky costumes or capes might not be allowed in public gatherings.  But shirts are a simple alternative.

So, we have many topics to cover.  Much of the work in addressing these topics has been done, but the information must be fitted to the website.  So, please be patient while the articles addressing the multitude of topics this site will eventually contain are added.  Priority will be given to holidays about to occur and to birthday parties.

Articles of an informative nature are going to be added in different categories.  It is possible to find the same article in multiple categories. 

Party Serving Tray
Party Serving Tray
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