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Party Lanterns for Different Occasions

Party Lanterns for Different Occasions

Party lanterns have been around a long time.  But today party lanterns can be found for many occasions, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, wedding receptions, showers, and more. 

Years ago, party lanterns were strung together on an electrical cord.  Since many were made of paper the heat from the light bulbs caused a few restrictions.  The lanterns had to allow the heat to escape through openings, and the design had to ensure that the light bulb did not contact the paper.  Despite this, the beauty they added to many events could not be denied.  So they found decorative use at many parties.

The LED lights of today allow for better designed lanterns.  LED light bulbs are cooler, and contact with paper is no longer the same level of a fire hazard it once was.  In addition, LED lights require very small quantities of electricity to glow brightly.  This makes them adaptable to batteries, eliminating the need for those strings that were so necessary in the past.

Today, LED lanterns can take on a wider variety of designs, since venting heat is not a problem.  This allows more designs to choose from, hence more appropriate lanterns for ta given occasion are possible.

While those unsightly electrical cords are no longer necessary, they sometimes served a function other than supplying the lanterns with electricity.  Lanterns hung over an open space must be supported, and their cord could be attached to two poles.  Current lanterns can still be hung from a cord or chain when desired, but the cord or chain can be selected so as to reduce having it visible.

Different Styles of Party Lanterns

Party lanterns can be paper balls like their processors.  But they can also be shaped to look like hot air balloons.  This gives the person decorating for a party a new option.

Current party lanterns are not restricted to paper.  Since venting heat is no longer a problem, a lantern shape with transparent panes is possible.  This design might have trapped too much heat in the past.  And inside an appropriate item portraying a scene more than the light bulbs can be added.  Halloween or Christmas scenes are among the items placed inside holiday lanterns.  And the panes can have holiday scenes painted on them.

While the lanterns described above will suffice many party designers, there are even more that can be found by looking.

The point is the variety of party lanterns available, and the color schemes possible, are adequate for your party needs.

Party Lanterns Can Be Used More than Once

If the party lantern is not holiday specific it can be used for other occasions.  For example, solid color or swirl balls or even hot air balloons can be used for a birthday party.  If the colors happen to be red and green, they can also be used at a Christmas gathering.  Orange lanterns can be used for Halloween, but orange lanterns can also be used as a fall color for a Thanksgiving gathering.  Pale colors or white might be used for a shower, or perhaps at Easter.

Christmas Lanterns

Christmas lanterns can be as simple as paper lanterns of red and green balls, or multiple balls of multiple colors.  But it is also possible to find balls with Christmas images on them.

It is also possible to find lantern shaped lights with figurines inside.  Having a Christmas scene is a fantastic touch. 

Halloween Lanterns

Halloween lanterns can be used as decorations for Halloween parties for young children where scary might not be the goal.  In such cases lanterns in the form of simple balls might be best.

Halloween lanterns can also be found as orange lights in mason jars, which allows for a brighter party.  These can also work for small children, especially by adding light to the venue.

Of course, you can select hot air balloon shaped lanterns to focus the interests of children. 

For most Halloween parties, lantern shaped decorations with Halloween figurines inside might add a fun twist for the party goers. 

One Halloween lantern design looks like a dungeon lamp.  Perhaps this would be appropriate for a scary scene.

Other Holiday Lanterns

Other Holiday Lanterns

Of course, there are lanterns that can be used for other holidays. 

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, has several lanterns that can enhance your gathering.

Another day that is specifically supported by lanterns is Oktoberfest.  They can add to the gathering.

In some cases party lanterns can be obtained with tissue puffs or with swirls as more extensive decoration packs.

So, using party lanterns can add a whole new dimension to your party. Just select the color scheme for the occasion, and the style you would prefer for your particular party decoration enhancement.

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