Hanukkah You Throw a Party

Hanukkah Party

Hanukkah Party

During the holiday season there is much emphases on Christmas, but if you need to find supplies to have a successful Hanukkah party it is also possible.  First, you must determine what you need.  Then select from what is available.  The selection is quite large.

Parties have several elements.  Food and drink are often essential for a good party.  Decorations can make that good party become a great party.

In this article we will address both of these party elements.  Perhaps you can find some, or all, of what you need here.


What Will You Serve?

Serving a party where there are dietary restrictions requires care.  Finding a book on party food is not enough, the book must concentrate on the party food consistent with the restrictions that you have.  Fortunately, such books exist.

Serving Food and Beverages

Serving food can be as simple as finding a nice, appropriately decorated container.  Placing a decorative tin out with a party favorite is easy, and it will make an impact as a decoration.  There is no need for serving pieces and party decorations to be distinct, some things can serve both purposes.  Well chosen serving pieces can easily add to the decoration scheme.

Then, there is a need for people to have things from which to eat and to drink.  Plates, cups, and napkins are important, as are plastic utensils and picks.

Party packs can handle the need for plates, napkins, and cups.  Some have multiple size napkins where some are used for eating the party food and some for dessert.  Some party packs come with utensils.  And some party packs even come with paper tablecloths.  The advantage of party packs is the items are designed to work together. 

Party packs provide disposable eating pieces, so cleaning after the party becomes easier. 

Picks are nice accent pieces that can be added to food, such as cupcakes. 

israeli Flag Coffee Mug
israeli Flag Coffee Mug
by blackspanielgallery

Food Safety

Party food is likely to be out a long time, so make certain both hot food and cold food are kept at the proper temperature.  To help with this please refer to the article Party Food and Safety.  There are items shown in the article that can help with food temperature control.


Drinks are best served in a manner that the guests can drink responsibly.  For alternative drinks that will help with this please see Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks.  Non-alcoholic party drinks can help make your party safe, and avoid many problems.  Offer non-alcoholic options to your guests.  Just make those options tasty.

Finding a book with non-alcoholic drinks, which can also be consumed by the children present, is an easy task.

Decorative Pieces

Decorate the venue with decorations that show the theme of the party.  These decorations include centerpieces, hanging decorations, and even theme related balloons.

For a Hanukkah party the theme colors are blue and white, so if you are stuck you can use blue and white decorations.  Fortunately, that is not often necessary.  Decorations include menorah, Star of David, and dreidel designs.  And these are all easily found.

For an article on Hanukkah decorations please see the article Hanukkah Decorations.  Hanukkah decorations can be found, and some are quite nice.  Enhance your celebration with quality decorations.

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