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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Having Christmas ornaments decorating a Christmas tree is normal, but choosing the ornaments is not without difficulties.  Having a Christmas tree is a part of the Christmas celebration.  The Christmas tree can be a focal decoration for any Christmas party, even a family gathering.

The size of the Christmas ornaments should be appropriate for the size of the Christmas tree.  Large ornaments like one might see on a tree in a mall would take over a small or medium size Christmas tree, but would look just fine on a tall tree. 

So, first decide on the size of ornaments you need, then determine if there are other restraints.  Will there be a budget?  Will there be a need for some very nice pieces?  What will make the children happy?  Are unbreakable ornaments needed because of children or pets?  These are some of the more common restraints, but you may have others.

Packs of Ornaments

Packs of Christmas ornaments can be economical.  Some packs have identical ornaments, other packs have a few different colors and designs.  These can be found in many stores.  And, packs of Christmas ornaments can come in glass, or in plastic. 

You might want a pack or two of Christmas ornaments to use as fillers.  Those large branches at the bottom of the tree are not at eye level, so fill then with larger basic ball designs.  Remember that the lower branches are also the ones that children and pets can easily reach, so unbreakable is a good idea for these ornaments.

The top of the tree might require a smaller size ornament.  Packs of smaller Christmas ornaments can be used high up in the tree. 

Scale the ornaments to the height where they will be placed.

Tree Topper

The ornament placed atop the Christmas tree need not be scaled, for it is a focal point.  Some people place a nice tree topper on the tree.  Since the top is the high point, an angel looking out can be used to represent the reason for Christmas. 

Lighted tree toppers have some appeal, but you need to remember to be safe.  LED lights produce much less heat than some other kinds of lights, so concentrating LED lights in a group is not a heat problem.  Of course, and electrical wire can short out, so using a battery-operated LED tree topper can give you light with more peace of mind.

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornaments

Eye Catching reflectivity

Swarovski crystal Christmas ornaments come clear and in colors.  There are many shapes from which to choose.  These ornaments catch, reflect and refract light to make your Christmas tree really glow.

For more on these beautiful ornaments, and to see a wider selection, please see Swarovski Crystal Christmas Decorations.  Swarovski Christmas ornaments are elegant beauties that can be used as special decorations, whether they are hanging in a Christmas tree or set out on a table.

Waterford Christmas Ornaments

Waterford Christmas ornaments are quality crystals made by the famous Waterford company, which assures quality.

For a selection of Waterford Christmas pieces see Waterford Christmas Ornaments.  Waterford, the high quality crystal maker, produces some beautiful Christmas ornaments.  These light refracting pieces can really add a visual impact to your Christmas tree.

Murano Glass Christmas Ornaments

Murano glass, also Venetian glass, Christmas ornaments have a special way of enhancing a Christmas tree. 

For a variety of Murano glass Christmas ornaments please see Murano Glass Christmas Ornaments.  Murano glass Christmas ornaments are quite artistic pieces, and come is a multitude of styles.

Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments

Kurt Adler is a popular artist, whose Christmas ornaments are appreciated by a wide audience.

For a nice selection of Kurt Adler Christmas ornaments please see Kurt Adler Glass Christmas Ornaments:  Places and Landmarks.  Kurt Adler beautiful art pieces include glass Christmas ornaments.  These Kurt Adler glass ornaments represent world famous scenes from many countries and cultures.

Heritage Christmas Ornaments

Celebrating one’s heritage is a choice many will make for their Christmas decorations.  While ornaments representing the culture of just about any larger country can be found if you look hard enough, below is a sample of some popular European places.

For Europe consider Christmas Ornaments Reflecting Europe.  Christmas ornaments reflecting Europe can bring the traditions of ancestors to those of European descent.  And they look great in a decorating scheme.

For French heritage ornaments consider French Christmas Traditions.  The French Christmas celebration is different, and includes perhaps the most lavish meal  compared with Christmas meals elsewhere.  Another difference includes using santons.

For Italian heritage consider Italian Christmas Traditions.  Like other European countries, there are ways in which Christmas is celebrated in Italy.  And, Italy has many picturesque structures that have inspired beautiful Christmas ornaments.

German and Austrian heritage Christmas ornaments are covered in the article Christmas Traditions of Germany and Austria.  Germany and Austria have very rich Christmas traditions.  Germany has given the world the Christmas tree, and many Christmas carols, while Austria has given us Silent Night.

British heritage Christmas ornaments are found in the article Christmas Traditions of England.  Christmas is celebrated in many countries, each with its own cultural influence.  Christmas in England is fascinating, since many American traditions have similarities to them.

Handmade Crafty Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas tree can be made very personal by personally making Christmas ornaments.  They may not come out perfect, but if you are trying to make your children happy allow them to contribute to the designs.  Then, work with them to make a very special Christmas tree.

Ornaments for Decoration Other than the Tree

Large Christmas ornaments can be hung from a mantle, a garland that is hung in a room, or wherever an ornament can be attached.  These are impactful statements, and they can really add to the overall decorations.

Other ornaments can be placed in a basket, perhaps accompanied by other items of interest, and made into a centerpiece.

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