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Football Watch Party

Football Watch Party

As football season nears an end, important championship games and a plethora of bowl games become the focus of interest.  With so many games featuring so many quality teams, they have widespread interest.  These games provide people, even those not normally interested in football, an opportunity to gather and party.  Some will support one team or the other, others will simply enjoy the game at hand, and others will just be there to party. 

Regardless of how interested people are in the outcome of one or more of these games, there will be parties, and these parties will be well attended.  People will celebrate and party, having happy experiences that transcend football.


The party food for a typical football watching party is simple, since many consume food while engrossed in the game.  Fancy food would serve no purpose.  The normal fare is chips, and finger food.  If more substantial food is desired hamburgers and hot dogs will usually do.  These can be held while eating, and they take little time to prepare. 

Serving bowls are important.  They allow for easy access to chips.  It is possible to find theme related serving bowls. 

In warmer climates hot dogs and hamburgers may be grilled outdoors before the game begins, or throughout the game by a person who is not interested in watching football. 


Serving plates and napkins need not be fancy, but if one wishes theme related plates and napkins can add to the atmosphere. 

Service should be from a hot pot or tray for hot dogs, and a warmed tray for hamburgers.  The lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes that embellish hamburgers should be kept iced.  Hot dogs are accompanied by chili, which needs to be kept warm.

Near the hot dogs and hamburgers should be a variety of condiments, including relish, mayonnaise, mustard, and catchup.    

For keeping food at the proper temperature until it is served please see Party Food and Safety.  Party food is often out for a period of time.  Make certain the food is safe when eaten.  There are items available to help with this.

U. S. Flag serving tray
U. S. Flag serving tray
by blackspanielgallery


Drinks are also needed.  The drinks needed for such a party are to be served chilled.  Consider an inflatable cooler for a nice edition to the party.  Of course, a simple cooler will work, as long as it is large enough.  If the drinks for the children are to be kept separate from the beverages for the adults, a second cooler would be used.

Cups can be used, but drinks at such a party can also be consumed directly from the cans or bottles they are in.


The only other thing needed is a television set, but it is unlikely one will be bought just for a football watching party.

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