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Party Necessity: Nightlights to Guide Guests

Party Necessity:  Nightlights to Guide Guests

There are so many things that can make a party better it is hard to think of all of them.  Having decorative nightlights is one of those things that most of us do not think of, but they can certainly help.  No, I am not referring to sleepovers for children, although they do have an obvious function for such a gathering.  I am referring to many kinds of party, especially those at night. 

So, how would you use a nightlight at a party?  Well, not for its primary function.  Instead, consider decorative nightlights for the hall leading to the restroom, and inside the restroom.

Why Use Nightlights?

Nightlights are small, easy to plug into an outlet, and give a minimal amount of light.  When used in the hall, this can help guests find the restroom.  Walking in a dark hall in a strange home is a problem.  Light the hall with subdued lighting, as provided by a nightlight, and your guests will have an easier time of navigating the path to the restroom.  The dim light will not overpower any subdued lights from the main party area. 

Once a guest finds the restroom, there is an entrance into an unfamiliar room.  Not everyone places light switches in the same place.  A lighted restroom, even a dimly lighted one, eliminates having your guests feel along the wall for the light switch.

Keep the Walls Clean

People eat and drink at a party.  Occasionally, there is a spill, or hands become soiled otherwise.  One reason for a guest to visit the restroom is to wash soiled hands.  It is wise to help such guests not find the light switch by feeling along the wall.  A small nightlight can help keep your walls clean.

Party Serving Tray
Party Serving Tray
by blackspanielgallery

Functional Decorations

Nightlights are functional, and they can be decorative.  Some lights simply have a nice design.  Such lights fit many party themes.  So, once you make a purchase, decorative nightlights can serve your entertaining needs.

Some nightlights are theme related.  If you are planning a Christmas party, obtain Christmas nightlights.  The same is true for other holidays.  Just search for the appropriate nightlights, and you can use them for the gathering.

Nightlights are easy to place, just plug them into an outlet and turn them on.  They can be among the easiest decorations that you use.

Nightlights are portable.  If you rent a venue they can easily be moved to the venue and installed.  No venue should have a problem with plugging in a nightlight.


Simple decorative pieces that have a function can enhance a party, and even solve problems that otherwise might occur.

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