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King Cake Party

King Cake Party

What is a king cake party?  It is a tradition in south Louisiana, and it can be held from January 6, through Mardi Gras Day.  It is a party of the Mardi Gras season, with a king cake features as its dessert focus.  The king cake does not have to be the only dessert, but there must be one, and it should serve the entire gathering.

A king cake is a round, or oval, cake with a hole in the center, much like a giant donut.  The details vary from bakery to bakery, and people in the area develop favorite sources.  The decoration is colored sugar in purple, green, and gold.  Many bakeries add a drizzled white icing.  Often the dough is twisted, and cinnamon is often added to the interior via the surface before twisting.

Inside the king cake is a small doll, representing the infant Jesus.  It is tradition to first have a king cake on the Feast of the Epiphany, although bakers are now offering the cakes year-round. 

The Decorations for a King Cake Party

The decorations are Mardi Gras themed, and should feature the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold.  One would decorate as with any other party, with centerpieces, and whatever other decorations one wishes. 

For more on decorations please see Mardi Gras Decorations.  After Christmas comes Mardi Gras, and the season of Mardi Gras starts January 6.  That means you can decorate your Christmas tree with a Mardi Gras theme instead of taking it down.

And for more please see Mardi Gras Tree.  A Mardi Gras tree is a Christmas tree re-purposed with Mardi Gras ornaments, lights, and tree skirt.

The Next Party

The person who finds the piece of cake containing the doll is expected to host the next party.  Hence there is a sequence of king cake parties.  However, there are stand alone king cake parties, so you do not really have to fulfill this tradition, unless it is the expectation of the group and known before the event.


Since the focus is on dessert, food can include finger food, but it is unnecessary.  Often people serve finger sandwiches, especially miniature muffulettas, stuffed eggs, artichoke balls, and other party fare.  Chips and crackers are usually found, and dips and cheese may accompany them.  Fruit and vegetable trays are a nice touch.

The food, regardless of its nature, requires beverages to support it.

Food and drink require plates, cups, and napkins.  These can actually add to the decoration scheme.

Types of King Cakes

In addition to the king cake above, stuffed king cakes are also sold.  One can choose a filling from various fruits, cream, or even pecan praline.  A king cake with heavy cinnamon is said to have a cinnamon filling. 

The problem this can present is with multiple cakes there are multiple dolls to be found.  If the doll indicates the host of the next party, there can be too great of a number of future parties. 

The way this is normally avoided with only one type of king cake is to order a large cake.  They do come in many sizes.

For more on king cakes please read Mardi Gras King Cake.  The Mardi Gras King cake is a significant part of the season.  This popular treat is enjoyed my many.

You may also enjoy Mardi Gras New Orleans for the Family.  Attending Mardi Gras can be rewarding, and it can be made into a family friendly event.  But it is best to know what to expect, and make the experience more enjoyable.

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