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Outdoor Party for a Few: When Gathering Is Not Allowed

Outdoor Party for a Few:  When Gathering Is Not Allowed

When getting a group together is impossible it is still important to keep mentally healthy.  Going outdoors for an outdoor party for a few can certainly brighten the spirits.  First, fresh air is great.  And a party atmosphere is a plus.

Maintaining a normalcy is important, regardless of what is going on around you.  Changing the scenery from your walls to an outdoor vista, no matter how spectacular or drab it may be, is a change.  When one is indoors too long a change is needed. 

In some cases, this could be going into a yard for a picnic activity.  In other cases where there is no yard, going to even a small balcony is good.

Do What You Can

Having an outdoor meal is the simplest way one can do this.  And, if that is all you are up to doing you can definitely benefit from this.  If possible, do not exhaust yourself preparing a meal, then eating it in a small group such as a family while sitting on a balcony.  Consider picking up food from a restaurant that offers orders to be taken out.

Party Serving Tray
Party Serving Tray
by blackspanielgallery

Make the Activity Special

Many people have an outdoor space, such as a backyard.  However, even a lawn will do.  Have your activity special.  Set up party lights and decorate the table with a nice tablecloth and decorative plates and napkins.  The purpose is to lift the spirits of the family members. 

Party lights can be decorative strings of lights or torches.  During the day strings of lights might not work.  At dusk and later either form of lighting can be used.

Grill a Meal

Set up the grill and prepare the normal outdoor picnic food.  Grill hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, potatoes, and whatever else you desire.  Make the grilling easier by using appropriate grilling baskets.

Grilling baskets allow for easier grilling, a more consistent outcome of cooking of the food, and easy cleaning after the cooking is done.  Grilling baskets often come with easy clean non-stick surfaces.

Grilling baskets also come in a variety of styles for use with a variety of different foods.  Have the appropriate baskets for the cooking to be done.

Where Can I Get Items for a Party?

Even if you cannot venture out, it may be possible to get items delivered.  Order your party supplies online.  If you do this in advance and let the entire family know it may heighten the spirits.  Anticipation is a major part of the enjoyment of a pleasant activity, so sharing the idea that you are planning a party and letting others have a say, will enhance the experience for all.

Should You Include Music?

Outdoor music should be tasteful so as not to offend the neighbors, and not played loud.  An option is, of course, to let the birds provide the melodious sounds.

Start a Trend

Organizing the neighborhood to all participate in similar activities at the same time could lift the spirits of a community.  Over the fence conversations would be possible, providing contact in a limited manner with others.

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